Crime Continues To Gut The Federation

In the absence of governmental moral authority, criminal elements continue to tighten their merciless stranglehold on the country of St Kitts and Nevis.


As is unfortunately commonplace these days, this past weekend saw its share of violence and criminal activity; from the daring daylight robbery of the Caribbean Lottery business place on Nevis to the suspected gang violence episode that saw bullets, bottles, and stones leaving a number of vehicles seriously damaged. Gratefully, reports are indicating that no one sustained any injury during these incidents.


After three years, the general public is now increasingly of the view that the Dr Timothy Harris-led administration is incapable of effecting any positive change with regard to the federal crime situation.


Dumpsters filled with scandals follow Dr Harris and the majority of the members of his administration. Even before being elected of office, some of the coalition’s members were plagued by serious scandals.


The nature of the scandals entangling the members of this administration includes both ethical and legal breaches. They span the gamut of fraud, corruption, flagrant conflicts of interest, abuses of office, sexual assault, nepotism, and bribery. Collectively, the coalition’s members have successfully debased the once stellar reputation of St Kitts-Nevis.


It is no wonder that crime in St Kitts-Nevis continues unabated. The very nature of those heading this government serves to empower, embolden, and encourage criminal elements in the perpetuation of their destructive deeds.


The coalition government’s term in office has served and continues to serve as a catalyst to criminal activity in the Federation.


Fishes stink from the head.

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