Harris Government Raises Frigate Bay Bar Owners Rent More Than 500 Percent

The vindictive, inconsiderate and gluttonous traits of the Dr. Timothy Harris-led government are yet again on display, with the recent attacks on bar owners who operate in Frigate Bay on The Strip.

Bar owners are feeling the wrath of the TUG (Team Unity Government) as they were slapped with new lease prices sporting rental cost increased of over one hundred percent.

Just this month, without consultation or mention of the pending increase, the government in conjunction with the Frigate Bay Development Corporation (FBDC) presented letters to all the establishments in the area, informing them of their new lot rental fees.

Accordingly, business places who usually pay a monthly fee of $375 or just a little more, are now expected to pay up to $2000, $3000 and $3500. As a result, bar owners, their staff, and persons of the wider community are protesting against the government’s efforts to possibly evict them and drive them out of business.

The owners have begun to explore a number of avenues to rally support and send a message to the government.

One business owner, namely John Wilkes of Buddies Beach Bar, took to social media to lambaste the government and the FBDC for their actions.

In his rant, he said, “A few ghetto people – some were called beach bum and all sorts of names, built little shacks. My place is a poor people place. I don’t depend on the tourist. Is my local people that keep me afloat, and in the eleven years I have never raised my price once on my people. They want to move the poor man out for people from Christophe Harbour, the St. Christopher Yacht Club, and the Indians at Port Zante to take over.”

Wilkes noted that with the increase, he is forced to close down his business and lay off his staff, as he would no longer be in a position to afford the rent.

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