Mould Continuously Plagues St Kitts Government

To many people in St Kitts-Nevis, it is as if the Harris administration cursed itself while in opposition by way of its hypocritical involvement in the tarnishing and scandalising of the Basseterre High School, actions which ultimately led to the abandonment of the entire school compound in Basseterre.

Shortly after being elected to office in 2015, Harris’ administration was stricken with a severe mould contamination issue at the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College’s two campuses, the Main Campus and the Technical Division. The problem forced the Department of Health-instructed closure of several administration offices for a month and sent a number of employees to seek medical attention. Presently, the office of the College’s interim president is located in a container on the main campus.

Following this were the endless complaints of mold contamination emanating from the Department of Labour. Despite the severity of the situation, it developed into a vicious back-and-forth between the government and the employees due to Minister of Labour Hon. Vance Amory, being of the view that the employees were exaggerating in an effort to make the government look bad. He went so far as to state this in Parliament, clearly indicating that he was set to ignore the numerous doctor’s reports detailing the elevated levels of thirty-five to forty percent mold found in the bodies of several employees who had undergone the requisite tests after seeking medical attention.

Owing to the continued denial by Harris’ government, the Department of Labour was relocated twice; once from its New Street office to the upstairs of the Treasury’s Chambers and currently, to an upstairs office on Victoria Road.

Adding insult to injury, word of mould contamination inside the Ministry of Tourism’s Port Zante offices soon reached the public. It was then discovered that many of the employees within the offices had been suffering for several months, some even being placed on medical leave by their doctors.

Just last week, reports emerged of the Sports Department’s forced relocation to the VIP Boxes of the Cricket Stands in Warner Part due to extensive mould contamination in its offices. Also singing the same mouldy tune last week was the Ministry of Education that has been relocated to upstairs The Cable building due to mould contamination in its Church Street Office.

As if ordered by the fates, mould contamination has not ceased to plague various ministries and government offices of the Timothy Harris-led coalition government on St Kitts since it was elected to office three years ago. 

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