Officer Lennox Hodge of the Royal St. Christopher & Nevis Police Force has just been arrested!


Hodge is customarily seen at the side of the leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition Rt. Hon. Dr Denzil Douglas, a legal choice of his that has caused him much undue harassment on the job on numerous occasions.


On the Federation’s Independence Day, yesterday September 19th, Hodge who was off-duty, attended the ceremonial parade with Dr Douglas by choice. It is suspected that his personal decision to do so greatly angered the Minister of National Security Dr Timothy Harris who appears to have in play a silent mission to isolate Dr Douglas so that all manner of ill may befall him and have any such event labelled as just another incident of crime in the country.


As the leader of the Opposition and a former Prime Minister, Dr Douglas is entitled to a bodyguard. However, in line with Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris’ vindictive, spiteful and lawless nature, the coalition administration has refused to assign Dr Douglas a police officer to operate in this capacity for almost four years. On the other end of the spectrum, Dr Harris has assigned to former Prime Minister Sir Kennedy Simmonds both a bodyguard and a chauffeur.


This latest violation of a citizen’s rights as seen in the arrest of Officer Hodge is yet another tactic in the coalition administration’s dark plot against Dr Douglas and the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party. The public should be made aware that this is the third police officer that had a close relationship with Dr Douglas that has been attacked in this year; the first two were Sergeant Dwight Davis and Sergeant Leon ‘Shabba’ Powell. Both Sergeants were gunned down in cold blood within mere months of one another.


We will provide additional details on Officer Hodge’s arrest as they become available.

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