Thousands Of Dollars Unaccounted For In St. Kitts Government Ministries

As the year 2018 nears its end, the question concerning the unaccounted funds within certain government departments and Ministries on St. Kitts remains unanswered.

Several anonymous reports have indicated that since last year, a certain government employee within the Department of Agriculture requested of the Accounts Department that a personal check amounting to approximately EC $12,000 be issued to him. According to the individual, the monies were to be spent on some aesthetic items for the office.

To date, the items on which the monies were said to have been intended for have not reached the Agriculture Department. The person has, however, gone on vacation overseas in the last year.

The Ministry of Health has also been weighed and found wanting in this shameful saga. Anonymous reports have also indicated that some EC $100,000 (one hundred thousand dollars) is unaccounted for. This money had been collected since 2017 from the donations of a number of local organisations, one of which holds an annual programme specifically to raise monies to be donated to the health sector.

The sizeable donation was part of the estimated EC $266,000 raised over the past few years and was supposed to be used to purchase a new ambulance for the Joseph N. France General Hospital, the cost of which was officially stated as EC $255,000.

Currently, the only new ambulances in the Federation were both donated by Sir Kutayba Alghanim, the Federation’s Consul General in New York. One was assigned to the Mary Charles Hospital in Molineaux and the other went to the Alexandria Hospital on Nevis.

Up until now, no new ambulance has been purchased for the JNF Hospital and the allegation of the missing money is shrouded in secrecy.

Under the watch of Prime Minister Dr Timothy Harris’ coalition administration, it appears that the people’s monies are either being pilfered or piddled away instead of being spent on improving the country in the areas that require improvement.

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