Voice note points to contact between prisoner behind bars

Voice note points to contact between prisoner behind bars and Prime Minister Timothy Harris Basseterre, St Kitts, September 12, 2019 – A voice note making the rounds on social media is an indication that a prisoner serving time at Her Majesty’s Prison in Basseterre, has had access to Prime Minister and Minister of National Security, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris. The voice note indicates contact between the prisoner, Phillip “Slimbo” Jones and Prime Minister Harris via a third party, in getting songs ready for the National Carnival and the soon to be called general elections to be able “to go hard at Douggie (Denzil Douglas) and the opposition (Labour Party)” and “Tim says yeah, gets things ready.” In the voice note, Jones (Slimbo) urges Prime Minister Harris’ nephew , Eldon “Big T” Harris, to support Glenville “Blu Steel” Maynard, said to be an ex convict. “I know you have things doing, but Blu Steel says he is going to sing the songs them, because I done have two songs for him to enter the Carnival and I want you to back up the man dem, because is some big song and I just do not want you to be saying yes and you not pushing the energy too. I have a next song. We have the calypso show Monday coming in the prison again. I have to go and defend my crown. It is a big thing and it got some people donating heavy on this thing right now too. Whoever comes king, money towards it too,” said Jones, who stressed the importance of Big T supporting Blu Steel (Maynard) “who is willing to sing the song dem for Carnival.” Jones (Slimbo) further pointed out in the voice note message to Eldon “Big T” Harris that “this campaigning mode.” “We cannot come last in this thing me brethren. I want you to support the man, push the man to ask more far reaching with the songs dem. I done get the songs dem to him, but I going try get the words and everything to him and he ready to come out with the (Team) Unity song,” said Jones (Slimbo” who added: “I done send a word to Tim (Prime Minister Timothy Harris). Bicknell (PM Timothy Harris’ body guard) tell me he talk to Tim (PM Harris) and everything and Tim (Harris) say yeah, get things going.” “So right now me ah push de energy and I want your effort as well too, to make things happen as I know you are already in the music industry at the same time and you to start sparring and to start blowing it up. The tune is a big tune for this year and we have to enter (Carnival). As you know the elections coming up and I rallying hard with Tim (Harris), hard, hard, hard. You hear how much hard I use. This ain’t no if nor a but, or maybe…all out. you check what I saying …. this is time to go all out.” In the message, Jones (Slimbo) further indicated: “You done see what Nital pushing. Man got to push too. You check it out. We do not want anything caught us by surprise. We going hard at Douggie (Denzil Douglas). We going hard at the opposition (Labour Party). You understand, so I want your full support to push Blu Steel (Maynard). He done say he willing to enter the calypso show. He has to go sign up and let him feel your energy and support too so de man can have the energy.” The voice note was apparently intended to be sent privately by Sugar City station owner, Valentine (Val T) Thomas to Nirish Nital who in another voice note aplogised profusely to Nital “for this sh-t going went out on the Sugar City broadcast.” “I was supposed to send it directly to you, we got to polish this up right now brother. Reach out to me please. I so fri…g vex. This thing was supposed to go to you, just to you Nirish Nital and I make a mistake and send it on the Sugar City broadcast.”

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